Two Very Wild but Very Good Dogs

Piper and Mabel are two very wild but very good dogs.

In her debut children’s picture book, Melanie shares the adventures of her two very wild but very good dogs, Piper and Mabel.

When the family plans a vacation to the beach, Piper and Mabel are shocked to discover they won’t be joining their people. Instead, they’re headed to doggie day care at the Happy Tails Ranch where they create all kinds of mischief when they discover the accommodations are not exactly what they were expecting.

Dog-lovers everywhere will enjoy the adventures of Piper and Mabel.


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Melanie Shankle writes regularly at The Big Mama blog and is a New York Times best-selling author of four previous books, including Nobody’s Cuter than You. Her new books, On the Bright Side and Piper and Mabel areset to be released on February 25, 2020. Melanie is a graduate of Texas A&M and loves writing, shopping at Target, checking to see what’s on sale at Anthropologie, and trying to find the lighter side in every situation. Most of all, she loves being the mother of Caroline, the wife of Perry, and the official herder of two wild dogs named Piper and Mabel. The five of them live in San Antonio, Texas.


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